Booking a table at the annual Awards Ceremony

Everyone is welcome. Booking a table or seat is easy, please contact, or send a completed luncheon booking form.

Your ticket will include drinks in the River Room of The Savoy, seeing the award winners meeting Prince Michael and our Road Safety Minister. We then all move into the Lancaster Ballroom and enjoy a four course lunch and speeches by The Prince and Minister. We are normally about 350 people from different aspects of road safety. Extra coffee is enjoyed whilst meeting and networking together.

Each winning team is given one free seat and all others must be paid for. Normally teams wish to book for a table of 10 or 12 people, but smaller parties and individuals are most welcome. Forms for our Annual Awards Ceremony can be downloaded here and should be filled in and sent to

On receipt of your form an invoice will be sent to you. When we receive payment your tickets will be sent to you. All invoices must be paid prior to the event by cheque or BACS as we do not have a credit or debit card system.

We ask all award winning teams to send us:

• their table forms early with the table plan. We give award winners two free seats and all other seats must be paid for. The names of the two team representatives who are to meet The Prince should have an asterisk by their name. We ask these two people to arrive with us at The Savoy by 10.30am for a rehearsal.

• on receiving your completed form we will invoice you and payments must be made prior to the event by cheque or BACS as we do not have a credit or debit card system.

• 2 or 3 power point slides which can be shown at the presentation prior to lunch. This takes place in the Lancaster Ballroom, which is a very large room and our audience will be over 400 people. Slides therefore need to be illustrative pictures with logos but as few words as possible otherwise they cannot be seen by anyone near the back of the room. Slides need to be sent to