How to nominate

Nominations are open to any team, organisation, government department, private sector organisation or business.

Nominations are judged once a year and should be submitted by 31st July.

You can self-nominate.

Nominations must be clear, concise and presented against the judging criteria as shown on the nomination form.

Before you submit your nomination please read all the information concerning the whole process including if you are successful or not.

Your nomination for an AWARD

  • All nominations must be presented using our criteria, shown here.
  • Each nomination should be a maximum of 1,500 words (including testimonials) and should clearly illustrate why the entry is worthy of an award based on the award criteria.
  • Nominations must be clear and concise. Above all they must be evidence based as explained here.
  • A clear summary paragraph of up to 80 words must be included at the beginning of your nomination.
  • Your nomination must include its budget and funding sources.
  • Your nomination should include the aim and objectives of the innovation or scheme.
  • All nominations are judged by our panel of road safety experts who understand the underlying causes of casualties. Please therefore do not waste words in your submission explaining the problem, but concentrate on your solution.
  • Submissions should NOT contain logos or pictures. Explanatory diagrams or graphs may be sent separately.
  • There may be occasions when judges call for additional evidence or material in which case we will ask.
  • Nominations are evaluated and judged using the criteria shown here.
  • With your submission please also include 3 x PowerPoint slides. The slides should have pictures only with NO WORDS, but logos are permitted. An example is here.
  • If you have been unsuccessful in the past you may apply again with up to date evidence of substantial improvement
  • If the judges ask for further evidence this must be submitted within the stated time frame or the nomination be resubmitted the following year. 


Download the Nomination Form


Nominations should be sent using the above Microsoft Word form as an attachment to an email with full contact details to

Please find a successful example of a completed nomination form here.

All nominations received will be acknowledged. If you do not hear from us we have not received your nomination.